Mehdi Chamma is a guitarist, guembri player, composer, singer and instructor based in Vienna austria. born and raised in a small town in Morocco located at the atlantic ocean, called El Jadida. His early musical memories were of north-west african songs, spiritual Gnawa music that he heard from his neighbour when his grand-mother took  him to see the ritual ceremonies that they call it Lila. 

Later he was exposed to Blues and Rock as well as to Arab-songs and American jazz. Out of this blend of secular and the religious, the traditional and the modern, developed the distinctive style, harmonies and musical vocabulary that are inimitably his own.

  “ Morocco is the gate to africa, an oasis of diverse music colors that heavenly influenced me since I was born“.

In a very early age his first instrument was percussion, he picked up the guitar at the age of fifteen, he put a band together and later they start collaborating with the french institute and organising concerts featuring international bands and artists.

As an autodidact he spent a lot of time developing his own technics and music approaches. he has played in diffrent music projects and festivals  such as, Tanjazz(Tangier), Desert Nomad festival( Errachidia),  Desert festival (Mhamid El Ghizlane), Institut-français El (Jadida/Casablanca), Germany, Slovakia, Italia, Turkey...

moved to Vienna to get his degree in jazz and popular music, and music pedagogy with ausgezeichnet graduation (Excelent).

Today with a warm guitar tone and an unerring gift for melody. Mehdi Chamma is a multi-cultural musician, compose music with grace, warmth, and humanity that transcends boundaries, genres, and languages.