Mehdi Chamma Group


The MCG Is a fusion band formed in Vienna in 2020, composed of a virtuose international

line-up: Jakob Mayr (trombone), Erik Asatrian (keys & sound), Michael Acker (bass), Walter Sitz (drums) and Mehdi Chamma (composition, guembri, guitar, vocal & arrangement).

MCG combines harmonic sophistication, tasty warm grooves, soaring melodies and a deep knowledge of North west African music. Mehdi Chamma originally from Morocco and based in Vienna composes music with diverse sound colors, integrating a fretless moroccan instrument called the guembri with the more sophisticated details of contemporary jazz. He uses conventional and extended guitar techniques to create a warm and evocative sound of his own. Writes and sings all original works in his mother tongue the Moroccan Darija, French and in English.

The album will be available on all the streaming platforms in 2022.