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Guitarist, guembri player, original composer and singer from Morocco, born and raised in the north-west African music culture such as the spiritual Gnawa music, oriental tarab, rock, pop, african-blues and the Moroccan chaabi. At first as an autodidact he was exposed to different  music genres, learned playing by ear. Out of his African-oriental roots, the traditional and the modern, Mehdi developed with time a very distinctive music vocabulary that are inimitably his own.

Between 2006 - 2015 Mehdi has worked as a sideman with notable artists from Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey, Congo, France and USA, and performed at various festivals, before he moved to Vienna, studied jazz and popular music where he was graduated with distinction.

In 2019 he formed his new music project in Vienna the ''Mehdi Chamma Group'', later

in December 2022, he released his album ''Layla wa Bahr (Night and Sea)'', recorded in the studio together with: Jakob Mayr (trombone & trumpet), Erik Asatrian (keys), Michael Acker (bass) and Walter Sitz (drums).

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