Learn how to express yourself freely with the guitar playing!


I'm a double-graduate in Jazz & Pop Guitar and Music Pedagogy from VMI, Vienna and I teach students of all ages and levels. Whether you want to learn how to play your favorite songs or write a masterpiece of your own, I will give you the tools to make your musical dreams come true. I am currently teaching in Vienna as well as online Skype lessons. My guitar course can be held in English, German or French.

Here are some highlights of my teaching concept:

  •   Helping you to really enjoy and excel in playing the music genre you love.

  • Develop your personal playstyle

  • Create beautiful melodies on the spot

  • Learn a proven system to improvise on guitar in any key signature

  • Move freely across the fretboard using the perfect method

  • Understand theory & harmony and apply it in any music genre

  • Use African rythm in a modern guitar playing concept (Advanced)

  • Use oriental-Maqam in a modern guitar playing concept (Advanced)


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