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MCG was formed in Vienna in 2019 by the Moroccan multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer-song-writer 

Mehdi Chamma. The group consists of five members from the active Austrian

music scene: Mehdi Chamma (guitar, guembri & vocal), Jakob Mayr (trombone), Nikolaus

Holler (sax & flute), Michael Acker (bass) and Walter Sitz (drums).

Performing original tunes written by Mehdi Chamma, combining North-African warm

grooves with more sophisticated details of contemporary jazz, blues and rock elements,

using as well a fretless three strings instrument called the guembri from the spiritual

gnawa music from North-Africa.

MCG today comes with a new album “Layla wa Bahr (Night and Sea)” resulting in a

refreshingly distinct and authentic sound, powerful groove filled with original lyrics and

poetry in his mother tongue, the Moroccan Darija, and Arabic.

The MCG is performing regularly in venues and festivals.


Guitarist, guembri player, original

composer and singer from Morocco,

born and raised in the North-west

African music culture such as the

spiritual Gnawa music, oriental

tarab, rock, pop, African-blues and

the Moroccan chaabi. At first as

an autodidact he was exposed

to different music genres, learned

playing by ear. Out of his African-

oriental roots, the traditional and the modern, Mehdi developed with time a very distinctive music touch, harmonies and musical vocabulary that are inimitably his own. Between 2006 -2015 Mehdi has worked and toured as a sideman with notable artists from Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey, Congo, France and USA, and performed at various festivals, before he moved to Vienna, studied jazz and popular music, where he was graduated.

Jakob Mayr

lives and works as a musician and

composer in Vienna. Born in Linz, he

started at BORG Linz for Popular

Music and made his first steps as a

musician with the Youth Bigband Am

Dam Jazz.

His music experience goes over a

wide range, though his specialty lies

in jazz, pop and world music.

Besides playing in the bands Parov

Stelar Band, Listen to Leena and The

Reef Formation he is also leading his own quartet Dr. Urban’s

Conglomerate. He already played in

Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. In 2011 he graduated under Christian Radovan

at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz with a Bachelor’s degree for jazz

trombone with the major in composing. He’s currently completing his Master for jazz

trombone under Johannes Herrlich at MUK Vienna.

Nikolaus Holler

Born in 1994 in Styria/AUT is an Austrian

multi-instrumentalist (all saxophones, bass

clarinet, Bb clarinet, flute, alto flute, duduk,

EWI, piano and drums) and a contemporary

composer. He is a bandleader but also a

sideman for several projects of different

genres. Since the age of 18 he teaches in

several schools and on workshops at high

schools as well as universities. Nikolaus

Holler graduated from Kunstuniversität Graz /

Institut Jazz with a Bachelor degree and

absolved a Master degree in Vienna at MUK.

He performed on renowned stages all over


Concerts with; Billy Cobham, Sheila Jordan, Ray Anderson, David Berger, Hayden Chisholm, Ed Neumeister, Matheus Jardim, Bobby Shew, Ivar Krizic, Emiliano Sampaio, Tomi Nikku, Tobias Meissl, Anontio de Padua, Gerhard Ornig, Christopher Pawluk, Tobias

Pustelnik, Daniel Holzleitner, Thilo Seevers, Marijn van de Ven, Luis Oliveira, Robin

Gadermaier, Valentin Duit, Erik Asatrian,Fabio Devigili, Christoph Cech, Solarkreis,

Blowing Doozy, Raphael Wressnig…


Michael Acker

Born and raised in Romania, Michael Acker grows up in

a musical environment thanks to his mother. In her

children’s choir and instrumental ensemble he learns the

basics about music theory and instruments like

recorder, xylophone and percussion. Quickly his talent is

recognised. Piano and guitar lessons are soon to follow.

Starting off in a funk band, he soon discovers the liberty

of expression jazz has to offer.

Therefore he moves to Bucharest to study jazz at the

National University of Music under the famous romanian

jazz pianist Mircea Tiberian. Also during this period he

adds upright bass and synthesizer to his abilities. At this point he is considered one of the leading bass players in his homecountry. His influences range from styles like jazz, funk, Afrobeat all the way to deephouse or drum n’bass. He collaborates with the vast majority of jazz musicians in Romania like Mircea Tiberian, Sorin Zlat or Luiza Zan. International collaborations include Owen Hart Jr. (USA), Anton Eger (SE), John Betsch (USA), Eamon Dilworth (AUS), Ellie Wright (AT), Matheus Jardim (BRA).

Walter Sitz

A drummer for Joe Zawinul,

Karl Ratzer, Mamadou Diabate,

Rainhard Fendrich, Georg

Danzer, Sigi Finkel,

performances with The

Syndicate (former Joe Zawinul

Band) together with Jorge

Bezerra Jr, Munir Hossn, Amit

Chatterjee and Peter

DeGirolamo. With the latter two

exceptional musicians and

friends he also had the

pleasure of playing in the Amit Chatterjee Alliance. As a composer and drummer with Christoph Helm and Jojo Lackner in Walter Sitz Trio or with Philipp Jagschitz and Vilkka Wahl in the Hammond organ trio Organ3men. As a composer, arranger, drummer and guitarist with in the Quetschwork Family and as a composer, arranger and producer currently working for the Lalá Vocalensemble.

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